Sheer tights

Fantastic sheer tights - perfect for daily wear! Our sheer tights are available in a huge variety of deniers: from black to nude and super shiny to totally matt!

We've just about every kind you can think from the latest support leg wear to the simplest summer sheer. Designed to match your skin tone, and in some cases, give your leg a slightly sun kissed look, these natural-look sheer tights will give your legs an even colour and gorgeous moisturised finish.

Browse our huge selection and feel free to place an order online! Choose from a variety of deniers and colours to pick the perfect pair for you!


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Knittex Iga 15 den
Elegant, semi gloss tights with back seam. Without marked panties line, invisibly reinforced toes. ..
Knittex Isabelle 20 den
Classic, transparent, half matte tights. Reinforced toe and panties parts for durability. ..
Knittex Jowita 15 den
Sheer soft gloss tights .Reinforced toe and panties parts for durability. Gusset only on sizes 3 and 4 ..
Krysta Cabaret Tights
Fishnet tights. ..
Krysta Lycra 15 den Aloe Vera
Tights with Aloe Vera, ideal for sensitive skin. Incredible soft, without marked panties line. Perfectly finished, flat seam, cotton gusset.  ..
Krysta Lycra 20 den
Semi-transparent, elegant and comfortable tights. Reinforced fingers and panties parts. Thermo-ironed with cotton gusset and extra-strenght. Perfectly finished. ..
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Krysta Micro 20 den
Sheer microfibre tights. ..
Krysta Stretch 15 den
Collants made from high quality filament stretch yarn, transparent, very elegant, reinforced body, small or big gusset. ..
Marilyn Art Deco 20 den
Timeless elegance: tights with back seam, 20 denier. ..
Marilyn Casting
Extremely sexy fishnet stockings with small mesh. They have flat seams on the fingers, in the lap without seams. Ideally suited for elegant creations as well as more non-binding clothing. ..
Marilyn Erotic Vita Bassa 15 den
Flexible semi matt hipster tights with low comfortable waistband. Finished with chic lace with silicon stripe. Comfortable flat seams, cotton gusset, without marked panties and toe part ..
Marilyn Exclusive Make-Up 10 den
Extremely elegant and super durable tights 10 den,  effect of leg brushed make-up . Flat seams, cotton gusset and a comfortable waistband. Without marked panties, invisibly reinforced toe portion. Perfect  for very short dresses and shorts, your legs will look lovely, fresh and radiant. ..
Marilyn Gucci 01 20 den
PATRIZIA GUCCI for MARILYN Elegant tights decorated with crystals 20 den- unusual, eye-catching tights made ​​from yarns of the highest quality. Sensual seam decorated with crystals and tiny bow completed in conjunction with an elegant lace provide a luxurious setting for the legs. Lace belt is finished inside a silicone band that prevents slipping tights hips. ..
Marilyn Gucci 02 20 den
Elegant and classic tights made ​​from high quality yarns. With decorative back seam finished with a delicate satin bow - sensual and chic. Lace belt is finished inside a silicone band that prevents slipping tights hips. Perfect for every occasions. ..
Marilyn Gucci 05 20 den
Elegant and classic tights 20 den made by Patricia Gucci for marilyn with sensual and chic back seam decorated with crystals. Beautiful decorative part of panties with lace belt finished inside a silicone band, prevents slipping tights hips.The combination of nobility and subtleness inspired by diamond jewellery, seductive and charming with its unique glow. Perfect for big events, parties and evenings. ..
Marilyn Gucci 09 20 den
Elegant and classic sheer tights with delicate floral pattern and micronet impression. The top is equipped with a low-rise lace waistband finished inside a silicone band that prevents slipping tights hips. Perfect for everyday look or even night out.   ..
Marilyn Naked 20 den
Exclusive tights made ​​from the highest quality yarn thickness of 20 den. Newest technology makes them extremely durable. Invisibly reinforced toe portion panty unchecked. cotton gusset and a comfortable elastic band at the waist gives you the comfort to wear. Composition: 80% Polyamide 20% Spandex ..
Marilyn Naked 40 den
The highly exclusive tights made ​​from the highest quality yarn. Tights provide you with amazing comfort and a real touch of luxury for your legs. Extremely durable and elegant are the perfect complement to any outfit. ..
Marilyn Relax 20 den
Relax tights 20 den anti varicose. Variable degree of oppression prevents swelling and improves circulation. Reinforced panties part  gently model the silhouette. ..
Marilyn Riviera 8 den
Extremely thin pantyhose 8 den perfect for summer. Made from the highest quality yarn, flat seam, cotton gusset small. Tights are semi gloss, without marked panties part with transparent fingers. Composition: 80% polyamide 20% NYLON ..
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