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Intrigo OSLO 40 den
OSLO Intrigo is 40 den stockings with Lycra fees, elegant lace finished with two silicone strips ..
4.40€ 5.17€
Intrigo AKSUM 20 den
Intrigo Aksum is a ladies' stockings ups with transparent fingers and fees lycra, finished with a..
4.40€ 5.17€
Intrigo Sydney 20 den
Intrigo Sydney is tights in the type of "fishnet" 20 den. Geometric pattern will add you chic and..
4.65€ 5.46€
Intrigo Hanoi 20 den
Intrigo Hanoi is women tights in the type of 'fishnet tights', 20 den, with cotton gusset providi..
4.65€ 5.46€
Intrigo Imi 20 den
Intrigo Imi is a women's socks 20 den patterned with elastane. Sophisticated pattern above the an..
1.93€ 2.28€
Intrigo Oda 20 den
Intrigo Oda is a women's knee-high pressure-patterned rubber which ensures comfort throughout the..
1.72€ 2.03€
Intrigo Ada 60 den
Intrigo Ada is knee socks for women with pressure-patterned rubber which ensures comfort througho..
2.48€ 2.92€
Intrigo Aida 60 den
Aida Intrigo is women's knee-high pressure-patterned rubber which ensures comfort throughout..
2.01€ 2.36€
Intrigo Stella 40 den
Intrigo Stella is women's knee-high pressure-patterned rubber which ensures comfort througho..
2.44€ 2.87€
Intrigo KLIO 15 den
Intrigo KLIO is knee-high women's 15 den stretch, in a universal size. Eraser non-compressio..
1.08€ 1.27€
Intrigo Bea 40 den
Intrigo Bea is patterned knee socks non-pressure band that ensures comfort throughout the day. So..
1.68€ 1.97€
Intrigo Aileen 20 den
Intrigo Aileen is patterned stockings 20 den, finished with elegant lace with two silicone strips..
6.52€ 7.67€
Intrigo ECHO 20 den
Intrigo ECHO is a women's socks 20 den with elastane, in a universal size. Non-compression elasti..
1.38€ 1.62€
Intrigo KIRKE 200 DEN
Intrigo KIRKE is opaque tights for women from microfibre, 200 den, soft, matt, without marked pan..
5.23€ 6.15€
Intrigo Calla 100 den
Intrigo Calla is warm, thick jacquard tights with a thickness of 100 den with cotton gusset and f..
9.61€ 11.30€
Intrigo DIKE 150 DEN
Intrigo DIKE are soft, matt tights made of microfiber, with thickness of 150 den. Flat seam, ..
6.15€ 7.24€
Intrigo Aralia 250 den
Intrigo Aralia is extremely soft and pleasant to the body, cotton tights 250 den,opaque, matte, c..
8.13€ 9.56€
Intrigo Erato 60 den
Intrigo Erato is opaque tights, 60 den, made ​​of microfibre, soft, matt, without the marked pant..
2.40€ 2.83€
Intrigo Eos 60 den
Intrigo Eos is panty tights 60 den for women with oppressive panties in the thickness of 100 den,..
3.54€ 4.16€
Intrigo Harmonia 50 den
Intrigo Harmonia is corrective tights from microfibre, 50 den, semi-opaque. They correct line of ..
5.45€ 6.41€