Plus-size leggings

Plus-size leggings

Leggings are a chic alternative to tights, and sheer leggings are the ideal option if you want the coverage of tights without the constricted feeling which you can sometimes get or if you want a subtle or bare leg look.

We stock leggings in all shapes and sizes: including bigger sizes for all lovely ladies with different figures! For those with different shapes it can be a real hassle to try and find hosiery that really suits your body. With properly fit leggings, you can not only be more comfortable but you can be a bit happier about how your hosiery looks as well. We help you to find perfect pair of leggings that not only fit your body but are also fashionable.

So, make a fashion statement and pull on a pair of our trendy plus size footless tights.

Browse our huge selection and feel free to place an order online! Choose from a variety of deniers and colours to pick the perfect pair for you!

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Bas Bleu Aida 200 den
Bas Bleu Candy 300 den
Bas Bleu Candy 300 den is opaque and modeling 300 den leggings. This model has a high state, shapes and emphasizes the waist. In addition it raises the buttocks and has anti-cellulite properties. Compositions: 77% Polyester 23% elastane ..
Bas Bleu Emily 200 den
Bas Bleu Emily is sexy modeling leggings. The model has a high state so that the perfectly modeled and emphasizes the waist. The thickness of 200 den makes the leggings completely opaque. Composition:   85% polyester    15% elastane   ..
Conte Cotton Leggings 250 den
Gatta Leggings Microfibra 100 den
Gatta Leggings Microfibra 100 den is classic, opaque leggings made of microfibre. Leggings are mat, flat seam, with cotton gusset. Perfect for any occasion. ..