Shaping tights

Shaping tights

Shaping tights provides extra control around the tummy,waist, hips and butt area,special sews to ensure the garment doesn't roll down. It is a sexy high-waisted piece, designed for maximum firming, shaping and contouring.

Our tights are meant to fit like a glove so pull up the slip with all of your might. Slimming and correcting underwear is the fastest way to a slim figure and to feel great.

Slim and shaped in few seconds!

Browse our huge selection and feel free to place an order online! Choose from a variety of deniers and colours to pick the perfect pair for you!

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Intrigo Eos 60 den
Intrigo Eos is panty tights 60 den for women with oppressive panties in the thickness of 100 den, which gently models silhouette and with innovative, the high-quality yarn 'Creora' in the braid. Cotton gusset and flat seam ensure comfort while wearing.   ..
Intrigo Harmonia 50 den
Intrigo Harmonia is corrective tights from microfibre, 50 den, semi-opaque. They correct line of the belly, hips and thighs, as well as lift the buttocks. Cotton gusset and flat seam ensure comfort while wearing and make you feel comfortable in them all day. Soft shades of gray will be an expression of your refined taste and passion for elegant simplicity. ..
Intrigo Hekate 40 den
Intrigo Hekate is ladies tights bikini 40 den. Flat seam, cotton gusset. Perfect for any occasion.   ..
Intrigo Selene 20 den
Intrigo Selene is ladies tights bikini 20 den, shaping up the silhouette with 100 den panties, covered Lycra satin sheer. Flat seam, cotton gusset.   ..
Intrigo Venus 40 den
Intrigo Venus is ladies tights with oppressive panties, 40den, flat seam, cotton gusset, foot massage effect.     ..
Marilyn Mask Cellulite 20 den
Marilyn Plus Up 40 den
Marilyn Plus Up is smooth, matte, semi-opaque tights with elastic Lycra fibers, 40 den. Reinforced panties part shapie your buttocks, stomach and hips, with small cotton gusset and reinforced finger parts.   ..
Marilyn Relax 20 den
Marilyn Relax is tights 20 den anti varicose. Variable degree of oppression prevents swelling and improves circulation. Reinforced panties part gently model the silhouette. ..
Marilyn Relax tights 50 den
Marilyn Relax is relax tights 50 den anti varicose. Variable degreef oppression prevents swelling and improves circulation. Reinforced panties part gently model the silhouette. ..
Marilyn Talia Control 20 den
Marilyn Talia Control is reinforced and increased panties part correct waist. The gradual degree of oppression provide comfort. Flat seam, cotton gusset for durability and comfort. ..
Mona-Tespol Body Harmony 20 den
Mona-Tespol Micro Push-up 50 den
Mona-Tespol Micro Push-up is opaque modeling tights 50 den. With effect push-up, your bum will be more lift and abdomen will be flattened. The broad band in the upper part makes your waist will be perfectly smooth. ..
Mona-Tespol Push-up 20 den
Mona-Tespol Push-up is elegant modeling tights. Effect of push-up, modeling part of the panty not only lift your butt, but also flatten the stomach. ..
Mona-Tespol Push-up 40 den
Mona-Tespol Push-up is an elegant pantyhose modeling with push-up effect with a thickness of 40 den. Modeling part of the panty not only raise your buttocks, but also flatten the stomach. ..
Sisi Invisible Control Top 30 den
Veneziana Hold In 20 den
Veneziana Hold Up 20 den
Veneziana Hold Up is glatt, transparent, semi-opaque tights, 20 den. Speciall designed upper part shapes the line of the hips, underlines waist and lifts the buttocks. Flat seams cause that the tights are unnoticeable under the clothing. The highest-quality yarn guarantees the product durability. ..
Veneziana Invisible Control 10 den
Veneziana Invisible Control is smooth, transparent, semi-opaque tights from the highest-quality yarn, 10 den. Slightly strenghtened  the upper panties part shapes the body and corrects imperfections. Invisibly reinforced toes and flat seam ensure durability and comfort. Perfect for special occassions.    ..
Veneziana Invisible Control 20 den
Veneziana Invisible Control is a thin, smooth, classic tights 20 den. Carefully selected part of the panty shapes your body and give it the desired shape. Invisibly reinforced toes, flat seam and cotton gusset keep you comfortable and comfort. This type of tights is excellent during the grand exit. ..
Veneziana Total Slim 70 micro