Krysta Company, owner of the brand CAREZZA and BESTSELLER, exists on the market since 1998.

The manufacturer offers a wide selection of women's hosiery. Our offer includes several types of smooth tights in different colors and thicknesses, extremely rich collection of luxury and original products modeled and various types of knee socks, socks, and stockings.

The products are of the highest quality, tailored to the needs and expectations of every woman.


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Krysta Girls Convertible Ballet & Dance Tights 60 den
Krysta Girls Footed Ballet & Dance Tights 60den
Krysta Ballet Convertible tights 60 den
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Krysta Stretch 15 den
Krysta Stretch is collants made from high quality filament stretch yarn, transparent, very elegan..
1.26€ 1.35€
Krysta Basic 60 den
Krysta Basic is smooth and elegant knee-high pressure-free made of microfiber with a thickness of..
Krysta Cabaret Knee Highs
Krysta Cabaret Knee Highs is fishnet knee highs. ..
Krysta Cabaret Tights
Krysta Cabaret Tights is elegant fishnet tights. Perfect for little black dress and for special o..
3.62€ 3.89€
Krysta Cabaret Stay-ups
Krysta Cabare Stay-ups is fishnet stockings finished with a decorative floral lace.   ..
5.23€ 5.62€
Krysta Micro 60 den COCO STAY-UP
Krysta Micro 60 den COCO STAY-UP is elegant and comfortable microfibre stay-ups 60 den. Perfect f..
5.03€ 5.41€
Krysta Lycra 20 den Belt Stockings
Krysta Lycra 20 den Belt Stockings is sheer belt stockings with decorative top band.   ..
2.92€ 3.14€
Krysta Micro 100 den
Krysta Micro is mat, opaque tights manufactured from microfibre. Velvety soft, flat seam, cotton ..
Krysta Micro 60 den
Krysta Micro  is mat, opaque tights manufactured from microfibre. Velvety soft, flat seam, c..
Krysta Micro 20 den
Krysta Micro is an elegant microfiber tights 20 den. Classics that every woman should have in her..
2.32€ 2.50€
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Krysta Lycra 15 den Aloe Vera
Krysta Lycra 15 den Aloe Vera is tights with Aloe Vera, ideal for sensitive skin. Incredible soft..
2.20€ 2.37€
Krysta Lycra 20 den
Krysta Lycra is semi-transparent, elegant and comfortable tights. Reinforced fingers and panties ..
1.99€ 2.14€
Based on 1 reviews.
Krysta Malena 20 den
Krysta Malena is fashion pattern tights, no panty line, with cotton gusset, flat seam. Pattern is..
3.37€ 3.62€
Krysta Bikini 20 den
Krysta Bikini is tights from Lycra, with a decorative bikini top. Invisibly toes reinforced. The ..
2.41€ 2.59€
Krysta Lycra 15 den socks
Krysta Lycra is socks lycra, 15 den. Two pairs in pocked. Non-pressure. Made from the highest qua..
Krysta Lycra 15 den knee-high
Krysta Lycra 15 den knee-high  is lycra knee high with special comfort band. To choose in ma..
Krysta NYLON 20 den TIGHTS
 Krysta NYLON 20 den TIGHTS is semi-mat transparent nylon tights, tips and hips reinforced. ..
1.51€ 1.63€