VENEZIANA is a combination of sophisticated style with quality and design at the highest level. The brand has over 20 years presence in Poland follows the fashion trends, but it also emphasizes the always fashionable and respected classics.

VENEZIANA every season offers a collection of tights, stockings, leggings, knee socks and socks with unique designs and colors.

Quality, style, design and wide color palette has gained recognition among the customers of the company, so that VENEZIANA ranks among the market leaders hosiery.

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Veneziana Ar Catalina 15 den
Veneziana Ar Catalina is sexy and sensual stockings finished with a subtle smooth lace with doubl..
7.30€ 8.11€
Veneziana Calze Leticia 6 den
Veneziana Calze Leticia is a very sensual stockings thickness of 6 den. Red seam attract the men ..
5.30€ 5.89€
Veneziana Calze Esmeralda 15 den
Veneziana Calze Esmeralda is sexy stockings, 15 den. Smooth, finished with sensual wide lace avai..
9.24€ 10.27€
Veneziana Invisible Control 20 den
Veneziana Invisible Control is a thin, smooth, classic tights 20 den. Carefully selected part of ..
6.81€ 7.57€
Veneziana Beresca
Veneziana Beresca is beautiful, patterned socks. They will be a great addition to your favorite b..
2.89€ 3.22€
Veneziana Silicone
Veneziana Silicone is a classic sock finished with silicone, so that they remains in place in a s..
5.84€ 6.49€
Veneziana Day 20 den
Veneziana Day is classic, transparent, matt  tights with lycra, 20 den. Flat seam, rein..
3.07€ 3.41€
Veneziana Glicynia 12 den
Veneziana Glicynia is an exclusive, extremely thin and comfortable tights with a thickness of 12 ..
5.26€ 5.84€
Veneziana Relax 20 den
Veneziana Relax is smooth, matte, transparent, relaxation tights elastic fibers Lycra, 20 den. Wi..
4.04€ 4.49€
Veneziana Daphne Lucido 20 den
Veneziana Daphne Lucido is smooth, transparent tights, 20 den. Satin sheen causes that the tights..
7.54€ 8.38€
Veneziana Hold Up 20 den
Veneziana Hold Up is glatt, transparent, semi-opaque tights, 20 den. Speciall designed upper part..
8.06€ 8.96€
Veneziana Dimension 30 den
Veneziana Dimension is smooth, matt, semi-opaque tights from the highest-quality microfibre, 30 d..
6.07€ 6.74€
Veneziana Invisible Control 10 den
Veneziana Invisible Control is smooth, transparent, semi-opaque tights from the highest-quality y..
7.07€ 7.86€
Veneziana Dimension 15 den
Veneziana Dimension is smooth, matt, transparent tights, 15 den. Thanks to the highest-quality ya..
6.78€ 7.53€
Veneziana Ar Sissi
Veneziana Ar Sissi is patterned, openwork stockings from the highest quality yarn causing that th..
9.60€ 10.67€
Veneziana Ar Costina II 60 den
Veneziana Ar Costina II is smooth, opaque hold-ups from the highest quality microfibre with addit..
10.32€ 11.46€
Veneziana Ar Rete
Veneziana Ar Rete is sexy hold-ups in the type of fishnet tights (small holes). They are finished..
7.65€ 8.50€
Veneziana Ar Silvi 15 den
Veneziana Ar Silvi is smooth, transparente, matt, sexy hold-ups. They are finished with sensous l..
6.74€ 7.48€
Veneziana Ar Fiona 60 den
Veneziana Ar Fiona is smooth, matt, opaque hold-ups. They are finished with sensous and sexy lace..
7.94€ 8.82€
Veneziana Calze 15 den
Veneziana Calze is smooth, transparent, matt stockings. Invisibly reinforced toes und the highest..
3.80€ 4.23€