Bas Bleu Ingrid 200 denBas Bleu Ingrid 200 den
Characteristic: hit this season, elegant, unique, imitating leggings pants, imitation skin, perfect for any outfit, comfortable to wear, covering, the highest quality finish,
Bas Bleu Leggings
Size 2 3 4 5 6
Weight kg 49-67 57-75 65-83 83-110 91-120
Heights cm 152-173 155-178 157-183 159-193 159-198


Bas Bleu Ingrid 200 den

Product Code: Ingrid 200 den
Price: 24.10€

Bas Bleu Ingrid 200 den is imitating fashionable leggings trousers! Ideal in combination with a tunic or shirt. Front and rear pockets are made from eco leather and the back is made of the elastic fabric. Leggings nicely adhere to your body highlighting your feminine curves. The classic style is a timeless detail that gives femininity to any outfit, and they are finished with great care about detailing. You can wear them every day!


85% Nylon

15% Spandex

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