Bas Bleu Stella
Bas Bleu StellaBas Bleu Stella
Bas Bleu Stella Bas Bleu Stella
Characteristic: hit this season, elegant, leggings, fancy design, original addition, comfortable to wear, the highest quality finish,
Bas Bleu Leggings
Size 2 3 4 5 6
Weight kg 49-67 57-75 65-83 83-110 91-120
Heights cm 152-173 155-178 157-183 159-193 159-198


Bas Bleu Stella

Product Code: Stella
Price: 27.10€

Bas Bleu Stella leggings 200 den with a long leg, have a slightly predatory character, due to the special ornaments on calves. They were fancifully cut down, so that captures your eyes and allow you to stand out in the crowd. Leggings are available in black, matching the material greatly enhances feminine qualities.


85% polyester

15% spandex

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