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Fiore Sorela 40 den
Fiore Sorela is top quality tights made fom the finest yarns for increased durability. Flat seams..
Fiore Michelle 60 den
Fiore Michelle is fashionable opaque tights made of the highest quality material, with a thicknes..
Marilyn MAMA 20
Marilyn MAMA 20  is elastic tights, 20 den, relaxing for pregnant women. Making better blood..
Gabriella Micro Satine 100 den
Gabriella Micro Satine is luxurious, silky and opaque tights made of microfibre 3D with shiny yar..
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Gabriella Linette 20 den
Gabriella Linette backseam 20 denier sheer tights, invisibly reinforced toes. Pattern is in the s..
Gabriella Puntina 20 den
Gabriella Puntina is eclusive fancy tights manufactured from Lycra fibres double braided with pol..
Gabriella Medica Massage 20 den
Gabriella Medica Massage is tights & hips shaping, anti-varix tights with foot-massage effect..
Fiore Trisha 20 den
Fiore Trisha is a top quality, soft and comfortable patterned knee-highs. Made of yarn for improv..
Fiore Alani 20 den
Fiore Alani is exclusive sheer microfibre tights 20 den. Made from the highest quality cover..
Gatta Kelly Stretch
Gatta Calze Stretch is stockings for ladies, for a girdle, made of Stretch type yarn. Two pairs i..
Gabriella Kabarette 151
Gabriella Kabarette is lycra knee-highs, with comfortable anti-pressure band. They are perfect fo..
Fiore DITA 60 den
Fiore DITA is incredibly flexible, smooth, opaque microfiber tights, made in 3D structure of the ..
Marilyn MAMA 100
Marilyn MAMA 100 is leggings for pregnant women, 100 den. Very elastic, relaxing. High panties pa..
Fiore Lena 40 den
Fiore Lena is every day tights. Silky, soft tights with a sensuous high cut bikini brief top. Fla..
Gabriella Rubensa Plus Size 20 den
Gabriella Rubensa Plus Size is lycra - stretch tights, semi-satin, semi-matt, with high waist and..
Gabriella Micro Satine 50 den
Gabriella Micro Satine is luxurious and silky soft microfibre 3D tights with a lovely satin gloss..
Gabriella Velia 10 den
Gabriella Velia is perfect for summer to wear with your summer sandals but giving your legs that ..
Marilyn NUDO NF
Marilyn NUDO NF is toeless tights, 15 den. Perfect for toeless shoes. Flat seam, small cotton gus..
Based on 1 reviews.
Gabriella Medica Push-up 40 den
Gabriella Medica Push-up is modeling and slimming tights with a special part uplifting buttocks, ..
Gabriella Quazi 01
Gabriella Quazi is exclusive patterned knee highs mode of microfibre.  Made from the highest..